Pro Travel Plus MLM Review

Is Pro Travel Plus just another Travel Rewards Agency? Or is this a solid network marketing company and business opportunity for you to join this year.

Pro Travel Plus Travel Agency Review (New 2015 MLM)

Pro Travel Plus

If the idea of discounts on sporting events, travel, dining, drinks, and entertainment sounds exciting, then you're onto the main concept behind Pro Travel Plus.  The club appeals to people who dream of leisure, fun, and travel and who also feel strongly enough about it that they can effectively get others to feel excited about the club (although that's not even necessary).

Pro Travel just launched, and it's not yet in full swing as of this writing.  Here's what we know so far.

The Company

The Pro Travel Plus CEO is Seth Fraser.  He has owned 4 other network marketing world, where 2 people earned over $300,000 within the first month.

The Product

Pro Travel Plus is a travel booking portal, as well as an online retail shopping portal.  You can book flights, cruises, car rentals, hotels etc through the portal.

Cruises by law must be the same price wherever you go, but Pro Travel Plus allows people to book cruises at below published prices.  This it the only company which offers discounted cruise tickets, in fact.

Car rentals get nicely discounted- and on top of the discounts, the ability to purchase car rental gift cards at steep discounts (and then turn right around and use them to pay for your rental) reduces prices even more.  One example given on some PTP promotional material shows a 33% discount on a weekly car rental.

Members can also get discounts on retail shopping.  There are daily deals offering huge discounts that represent more than the $70 join fee.

Restaurant gift cards work out nicely for members, too.  For example, a $50 gift card goes for $30 at the Country Buffet.

The Compensation Plan

The little guy should win with this compensation plan, according to CEO Seth Fraser.  You are not required to enroll new people, but you do benefit from having people come in after you, down to 5 levels at 3% Powerline Bonuses.

Join fee is $69.95 and there's zero sponsorship required.

  • Come in for $70, then pay $34.95 per month- that's the starting point.  You'll get a 2/10 matrix and have the potential to earn a little over $2000 per month
  • Pre-pay for 6 mos: $199.95 + $69.95 join fee and you get a 2 x 12 matrix potential: $8500 per month
  • Pre-pay for a year: $400 + $69.95 join fee over $25,000 per month potential and get a 2 x 14 matrix

There is also a 5% check match.

If you do choose to sponsor people, you get a $15-$30 bonus for each one, with no limits.  There's residual income, fast start overrides, and other bonuses as well.

If you join at the Year Level you'll get a 2 x 14 matrix (that means it pays down to 14 levels) at 2% to 3%.

They have a progressive email campaign for snagging leads.  People come to the PTP website to learn about the program but must put in an email address in order to find out about what system is all about.  It's sort of like joining for free.  They are offered the option to join for real and pay the join fee of $69.95.

Even those people who don't choose to upgrade will get an email four hours later informing them of how many people have joined since they first checked out the site.  If they upgrade, they get those people under them.  In this way, PTP is able to honestly say that they will get “guaranteed income”.

The Verdict

The idea here seems to be to get YOU to join…YOU are the target market here and the folks at Pro Travel Plus don't care if you never bring anyone in as long as you keep paying your monthly fees.

For those who hate recruiting, that's wonderful news.  The key will be to join early, however.  Since Pro Travel Plus is still in initial launch phases, they're making an all-out push for membership, including “sizzle calls” you can listen to live or recorded (check the Facebook page for those), YouTube videos, and that innovative email campaign based on retrieving information from their website.

Join because it's early.  Join because you like the deals it will give you.  You can even join and recruit…you'll probably make at least a little money.



  1. J.A.

    I joined pro travel plus I also joined 3 piad members and I recieved spillover more 3 paid members when the powerline had 750 members since i joined.Now a month after the powerline have almost 6500 paid members and I have recieved no paid members from spillover .I still have 3 members and more 3 members from spillover.For me pro travel plus it´s a scam .

  2. Raja

    Hi. I need to know more about PTP. And I am not really keen about recruiting. So, how do I really earn money from ‘living the dream’ if you would be kind enough to explain in lay man terms. Thanks.

  3. Barbara

    PTP is crumbling, because people are seeing it for what it really is
    One of the heavy recruiters is now doing another business opportunity after stating all they would do is PTP.
    Once they starting advertising this other opportunity, not one like or congrats to them from PTP so called leaders. Why the fear?
    I just hate that PTP preys on the foreign countries that know no better and are just looking for a better way of life and then get pulled into this Pyramid scam.Yes, it is a Pyramid scheme. PTP fits every point on the check list of a pyramid scheme. The product? Not even theirs, you can google and
    get the same information. They use other sites, PTP is just a starting point for your search. Nothing special, and no good discounts AT ALL.
    I understand a business and marketing, it takes work, BUT DON’T prey on inexperienced network marketers ( the average person) , who hates recruiting, and tell them this is different and you don’t have to recruit. Yes. you make money, 5.25 a month for not recruiting.
    They insult people and their intelligence. I can make more as a business, selling cookies to people on the street.
    Even if your matrix does not fill, you have to have a LOT under you to make at least 1/3 of the cap out for your level. Don’t prey on average people who would never have entered an MLM, until you presented your LIES, and pretty much guarantees which are not true.
    Seth and Charles are LIARS! They NEVER have Q&A sessions, and when you contact their customer service you get VAGUE, answers or none at all.
    I did my research, seemed pretty fair, until I got in, and you SEE the true explanation of what they” meant” to really tell you.
    Matrix is based when you come in and where you are placed? NO ! They say they don’t manipulate where you are placed. LIE!
    I know and saw for a fact, there is manipulation and unfairness. You get a rude awakening of what the matrix really is once you get in and nobody lets you know where you are on it. I wonder why…..hmmm
    All those thousands of people supposedly coming in, after me and I have not yet received even 1 spillover person, and I have recruited some and came in a whole month BEFORE the official Launch date June 1st!
    Yeah, this is a SCAM ! SCAM written all over it !!!!!!!!!!

  4. lerato

    I Regret joining ptp. when i joined i was told never to worry about recruiting.. and it will take about 6 months for someone who is not recruiting to start getting paid……its been 3 months now and i onlyhave 3 spill overs ,that is just a joke…i dont believe i fell for such a lie…if i have invested in MMM by now i will be earning a lot….pissed!!!!

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