Tracey Walker Marketing Business (Who Is Review)

Tracey Walker. Tracey Walker.. Tracey Walker…

…almost expecting a genuine genius and powerful female force to rise up out of the ash like a genie and give me a few successful wishes for generating success – it is simple and sincere to start writing up a real review about the public speaker, published author, professional blogger and passionate entrepreneur.

tracey walker businessAll jokingly jabs aside, Tracey's innovative ingenuity has shined bright throughout her career as a noble online marketer and notoriously-gifted team builder – no matter what business or opportunity is being presented.

Obviously for those who search Tracey Walker online will find that she has done amazing things with a company by the name of Empower Network … which she crossed the prestigious million dollar earner in under 2 and half years … quite incredible feat and also sidenote worthy made her the first female inside Empower to do so.

Which leads us right into her next milestone benchmark surpassed, writing her own book which is appropriately titled non-other than “Ultimate Team Building Formula“. You can find that on which has an incredible 5 star review rating and justifiably so.

There were a few fundamental things that prompted us to writing reviews on Tracey Walker…but one was glaring, as it was a quick glance at someone who was essentially and effectively was calling Tracey Walker’s businesses scams..the way she went about them, trained, taught, sold, told – you name it .. although this guy was nothing more than an internet leech (aka it is easier to tear someone down than to lift them up), was doing nothing more than capitalizing on her self-created brand and image online.

I know this because I have seen Tracey personally speak on stage in front of thousands of people – event after event, year after year – and let me tell you one thing that’s alarmingly alert to the acutely aware – baby making or money making – this wavy lady means business – allow me to elaborate without a script…

She is one of the straightest shooters you will find in the profession, guy or girl, from the hip or lip, all while leaving worth while tips that help you skip the chips and dip and get right to the main course NY steak strip – now that’s leadership – scam what, scam who?

Now, not to be sound hypocritical or hypothetically one sided, but anyone who legitimately knows the original Dream Team founder would be dumbfounded to group and associate her image with other possible internet/network marketer con scam artists because that is the nature of telling and selling…but this label and title does not fit the skit here.

Her entire message is about how to create a loyal team culture which is built from the ground up with rock solid infrastructure and an army of leaders who help one another out day in and day out.

We are going to continue to add to our personal review of the Tracey Walker business legacy she leaves behind, but until then you can follow her on Facebook or find her on her website

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