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If you are a local business owner and care for local lead generation, chances are you are going to want to find a dedicated, direct, results-driven local search engine optimization consultant to help increase your website traffic and business presence online.

Our goal is to provide purposeful content and digital marketing direction so you can focus on creating value through your respective businesses, products, services and opportunities.

There is an overwhelming amount of choices and decisions to make when opening, operating and owning a local business – but we know one thing, a Local SEO Expert is going to be at the top of your priority list once you have the business's base and foundation structurally sound and setup.

This Local Business SEO Services guide is going to be 3 part;

1) Expert Ranking Factors and Tips On How to Win Big with Local Businesses right now
2) Why Outsourcing SEO Services & Marketing strategies is in your best interest
3) Where to locate the best Local SEO business services, pricing packages and cost-effective companies

Without beating around the local business oriented bush, let's rush into the gushy guidance and see how our Local SEO services and knowledge can help you grow and build your business leveraging the power of the internet.

6 Tips for Winning at Local SEO in 2015

Fortune telling is always difficult, and that's pretty much what trend-prediction comes to in the world of SEO.  Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future of SEO, especially when it comes to local search engine optimization.  That's because local SEO isn't really a trend or a fad…it's the real thing and it's here to stay.

How do I know this? To me, it's obvious because it's so logical.  We have additional trainings to explain, but allow us to eclectically elaborate below.

Local search is the natural evolution of how we look for things online, and the results of local searches are more useful than ever.  This is especially true for the growing legions of mobile users on the web.  In short, to reach everyone across the globe, you've gotta think about local SEO.

Since local SEO isn't a fad, it's never to late too get started on optimizing your websites for the local search engine.  There are best practices to implement, case studies to examine, and of course lots of blogging to enjoy on the subject.  And of course you'll have to perform your own informal experiments when it comes to perfecting your own version of local SEO for your particular situation.

But you don't have to go it completely alone.  Here are 6 ways to succeed at local SEO right now.

1.  Implement the basic strategies

There are some given basic things one should do to perform local SEO on a website.  These include onsite fixes like :

  • tidy up your meta data
  • removing useless pages
  • get your local directory data cleaned up
  • put in lots of nice “rich snippets”

There are also some who believe that improving your organic rankings will boost your local rankings as well.  Focus on both.

2.  Get on Pinterest to corner the local market.

If you thought Pinterest was over, think again.  It's now a crucial part of the local formula with their “Place Pins”.  You post a picture with geo-specific data so it can be placed on a map.  It's designed to help someday with travel functionality.

More than three-quarters of the people who use Pinterest are using it via a mobile device.  That hearkens back to #2, but it also goes to show that mobile is interconnected with social and local (insiders call this trinity “SoLoMo”).  Search engines are predicted to eventually take notice of things like Place Pins.  Social indicators will begin to rule the day, say some.

3.  Go mobile with your website.

Make sure your website is visible and easy to navigate on smartphones.  More people are mobile now, and a growing part of the world's population doesn't even have a PC any more…just a phone.  Did you know more than 90% of American adults own a mobile phone now?  And over half of Americans adults have a smartphone at this point.

Almost two-thirds of the people owning mobile phones use them to browse the internet.  And the most amazing statistic: almost half of consumers say they use their phone to find out about local products and services!

4.  Publish content that's local to each of your business locations.

It's no longer enough to publish catch-all statements about your business that covers each branch location.  Get specific, and create a richer vertical structure based on geo-specific areas where you do business.  This is recommended by experts due to how Google's Hummingbird update changed the local search engine results pages (SERPs).

Plus, you should monitor your Google+ page…claim it if you haven't already, or someone else will.

5.  Get it right with the directories

Mention of your business in online business directories, review sites like Yelp, and industry directories is now a major indicator of your rankings in the SERPs.  Make sure your data is correct with the data aggregators who supply Google, Yelp, and others with your contact information.  Also, if you're mentioned in any blogs, make sure the citations are correct.

6.  Get yourself a toolkit

There are free toolkits to help you build your local citations.  There are also “semi-free” ones like GetListed.  Finally, if you have the budget for it, Yext is a premium service that cleans up your online directory data for you.

Now, let's transition into part 2 of our free Local SEO Expert & Consulting guide.

8 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Local SEO is Smart

Want to rise in the SERPS?  You're not alone.

There are so many ways to go about improving your rankings in the search engines, but the most important factor might be whether or not you hire a tried and true local SEO consultant who is current on the latest changes and marketing tactics required to rise ranks and ratings.

The question you should be asking is:

Why Outsource Your SEO Locally?

Sure, there are huge agencies that take care of all aspects of SEO for you.  But an agency which specializes in local SEO can do similar things for your rankings, only on a much smaller scale.  That means, if you're looking to target every demographic in every location in the US, a local SEO expert isn't going to be your most efficient use of resources.  

That doesn't mean the local SEO agency isn't the best option for your company, however.  The answer to the above question lies in the nature of your business.  If you have customers who live locally and you spend advertising dollars on that group, then local SEO is going to do your business a world of good.  And hiring an expert in your neighborhood, i.e. outsourcing locally, is definitely the way to go.  Here's why.

Why you should outsource local SEO locally:

  1. A major reason to hire locally is that you can meet in person and plan your strategy together.  Arranging things online and over email can be a frustrating and painstakingly slow process.
  2. A local hire will know about city ordinances, regulations, and restrictions that may come into play during the campaign.
  3. A local expert will come with experience in your neighborhood, and know the market well.  He or she will come prepared with city demographics and other data which will have bearing on your strategy.
  4. The local guy (or gal) will know all about doing “local SEO” in your area.  As you may know, ranking in the “local search” results is now a key target area for most businesses with an online presence.  More and more marketing energy is directed at local SEO these days.
  5. If you want to market internationally or even outside your own region, an SEO person who is local to those remote areas will understand those cultures and conduct your campaign accordingly.  The body of knowledge on local SEO is changing constantly, and who better to keep up with it than the local expert.
  6. The local SEO person knows other businesses in the target area (which is most likely your own neighborhood).  They know who might be a good future partner and they also know who your competitors are.  They can also give insight on how all those businesses do their SEO.
  7. If you're the sort of business person who checks references, then a local person will come with references that really matter to you.  That's because they'll probably be from people you know, right in your own neighborhood!
  8. Finally, there's common knowledge that when you hire someone locally and in your own neighborhood, you're probably going to get better service than if you hired anonymously.  The local guy wants more business, so he's going to do the best job he can.  He'll respond to your questions more promptly and he'll return your phone calls and your emails.  He will be more patient in explaining things you don't understand.  He will be more likely to be open and transparent about what he's doing.  In short, chances are he's working right down the street from you, so he'd better make a good impression!

You need local SEO

There's almost no denying the fact any more that businesses need to optimize their websites in order to catch visitors from local search engine results.  Most ad campaigns now include a hefty amount of legwork given over to local SEO.  Plus, the best way to do local SEO is to know the locality you're targeting.  By outsourcing your local SEO to a local agency, you're hiring someone with a higher understanding of what's going on in your target locality…and that's what will make a winning campaign!

And last but certainly not least, let's transition into the third and final part our Local SEO Expert review guide.

Best Local SEO Services & Marketing Companies Reviewed

This one is going to be the main reason why you are here – in which you have a problem, minor or major, and want it resolved without sucking your time and a learning lesson headache.

As we have illustrated and demonstrated above, learning search engine optimization is both an art and science. One does not simply wake up and early in the morning and *know* SEO. Especially when you take into consideration the constantly evolving changes and algorithm updates that are inevitable to keep up with the best online marketing practices available.

We are going to take the time to review Local SEO Services so you can find all of the best suggestions and feedback in one place. Not to mention, we are self-proclaimed SEO experts for local businesses all over the world.

With a 9 year and counting proven track record of ranking local clients and personal projects, we are confident in our search engine optimization services and marketing strategies that will help bring you to the top where you and your coveted business belong!

We hope our guide has helped you clear the cloudy confusion most spread around the internet. We will update our SEO marketing services very soon as well as be linking to our individual reviews on Local SEO companies.


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