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Video Sales Blueprint Review

Video Sales Blueprint is an online marketing tool that promises to help anyone profit through online video marketing. Here’s our Video Sales Blueprint review.

What is Video Sales Blueprint?

Video Sales Blueprint is an all-inclusive video marketing platform catered towards beginner and intermediate marketers. It includes stock images, graphics, and a guide to making good videos.

The product promises to help you create amazing presentations and videos – even if you’ve never created a video in your life before or don’t have the right software and hardware.

The platform itself consists of video templates you can use to make influential videos online. If you need to sell products or convince people to join your program, then Video Sales Blueprint promises to help you do that by making amazing videos.

There are also hundreds of stock graphics, images, and HD moving backgrounds you’re free to use across all your videos and websites.

The key idea here is that people are 90% more likely to buy a product online if they watch a video about it first. If you can make a good video about your product, then you may be able to increase sales by 90%.

The program consists of:

-Video marketing tools, templates, backgrounds, and images

-Stock graphics and images you can use to enhance the professionalism of your video

-Free rights to publish these images and stock backgrounds all across the internet

-A guide on how to make videos and use things like green screens

-Audio recordings and exclusive interviews with online video marketing experts, all of whom make a living by selling products through videos online

After buying Video Sales Blueprint for $17, you download all of these files instantly. Then, you can fire up your favorite video editor and begin using all of the included graphics and clips.

Who Created Video Sales Blueprint?

Video Sales Blueprint was created by a guy named Sam Bakker. According to Sam’s official website, he is an “internet marketing coach, trainer, and speaker.”

Sam has previously created products like the AutoPilot Webinars Sales Engine, which promises to automate webinar presentations in order to help you make more money.

Sam was born in 1988 in Christchurch, New Zealand and speaks around the world at different events. He also recently launched a mentorship program.

What’s Included with Video Sales Blueprint?

Video Sales Blueprint basically consists of a library of stock graphics, video files, and images you can use to enhance your videos. Here’s exactly what’s included with Video Sales Blueprint:

200 Sales Graphics: These individually-created sales graphics include arrows “Sale” signs, “Special Offer” icons, and more.

180 Cartoons and Sketches: These cartoons and sketches are on transparent backgrounds, letting you easily insert them into your project. There are cartoon figures that point to certain places on the screen and others that just run around on-screen.

50 High Quality Generic Background Images: These generic background images include wallpaper-like photographs of mountains, islands, lakes, and picturesque scenes. There are also more generic images like clouds and birds fly across a sky.

50 High Quality Business Backgrounds: Looking for stock images of people standing around doing business? Video Sales Blueprint includes 50 such images, which include pictures showing graphs pointing up and to the right as well as people standing around pointing at laptops.

200 High Quality Generic People and Nature Images: These pictures include photographs of people using smartphones, walking through cities, smiling and talking to each other, holding babies, and relaxing at the beach.

100 High Quality Business People: This set includes 100 pictures of business people carrying out different business roles. They’re using tablets, pointing at things on screens, and presenting things to other business people.

400 Individually created Business and People Cartoons: Special cartoons created from scratch to help “bring character and fun” to your next sales video or advertising material.

60 High Definition Moving Video Backgrounds: These HD backgrounds are designed to loop behind videos as you display information. You can even stand in front of these backgrounds using a green screen.

A Complete Guide to Using These Graphics and Images: The Video Sales Blueprint guide walks you through exactly how to use the graphics to create high-converting videos for your sales presentations – which is useful if you’re created a video for the first time.

Green Screen Training: Learn how to use green screens to enhance the professional quality of your productions. It takes just minutes to setup.

High-Converting Video Marketing Scripts: Learn how to write high-converting sales copy and view real online marketing scripts used by today’s top video marketers.

Special Typography Training: The font and style of text you use in your videos is extremely important. Learn which typography styles are more influential than others in order to “increase conversions by upwards of 50%.”

VIP Webinar Workshop: Creators Sam Bakker and Sam Robison regularly host video marketing and conversion workshops in the form of a webinar. Everyone who purchases Video Sales Blueprint gets registered for that automatically.

24/7 Support: The creators of Video Sales Blueprint claim that a highly trained group of support staff is always standing by ready to help customers at every step of the way.

When you buy Video Sales Blueprint, you have full commercial rights to all of this material, which means you can use it on any videos or advertisements with no restrictions.

You don’t have to use the above graphics in video presentations: you can also use them in images, website design, or other parts of your online marketing empire.

How to Buy Video Sales Blueprint

Video Sales Blueprint is only available online from the official website, That website sells two different packages:

Personal Rights: $17

Developer Rights: $24

You buy the Personal Rights package if you’re just using the graphics and images for your own marketing materials. You buy the Developer Rights package if you’re going to be using those materials for your own clients.

No matter which package you buy, you get all of the items listed above, including all the stock images, videos, and graphics.

Conclusion: Who Should Buy Video Sales Blueprint?

Making a professional-quality video presentation is a great way to boost your online sales.

Unfortunately, making a professional-quality video presentation isn’t always easy. Video Sales Blueprint aims to make it easy by walking you through all of the steps – from setting up a bluescreen to implementing high-quality graphics into your video editing software.

Plus, you get hundreds of included cartoons, graphics, and images with this package. You’re free to use these graphics on your videos or anywhere on your website.

If you’re new to online marketing or have just always wanted to make a video, then Video Sales Blueprint aims to help anyone do that quickly, easily, and at a professional level of quality.

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