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Total Funnel System Review

The Total Funnel System is an online marketing system created by a multilevel marketer named Jon Mroz. The system is free to join – which is why many people think it’s a scam.

Is Total Funnel System actually a scam? Or is a legitimate way to earn an income over the internet? Find out today in our Total Funnel System review.

What is Total Funnel System?

Total Funnel System is an online sales funnel that promises to help anyone earn money online. You push people through this sales funnel and you earn commissions when they buy the product at the end of the sales funnel.

Total Funnel System is free to join. The program itself costs nothing. However, in order to earn money through the program, you’ll need to become a paying member at some of the affiliated companies.

You see, Total Funnel System pushes people towards pay-to-join network marketing companies and multilevel marketing companies. These companies pay you commission when you recruit a new member. However, in order to earn those commissions, you’ll need to pay to be a member yourself.

It’s a lot like a pyramid scheme – although the companies make sure they’re operating within the lines of the law.

In any case, the Total Funnel System specifically promotes six different network marketing-style companies, including:

-Empower Network

-Pure Leverage

-Internet Prospect Acceleration System

-My Lead System Pro


-My Cash Freebies

If you want to join all of these companies and maximize your Total Funnel System commissions, then you’ll need to pay a total of around $538 per month plus a few thousand dollars in one-time new membership fees.

If you don’t pay these fees, then your membership won’t stay active and you won’t be able to earn commissions by recruiting people.

Some of the networks – like My Lead System Pro – are particularly expensive. MLSP costs a one-time joining fee of $2,743.94 and you’ll need to pay an additional annual fee of $1,499.97 (assuming you want all of the products within MLSP).

Only one of the networks in Total Funnel System – My Cash Freebies – is free to join. The creator of Total Funnel System claims you can join these companies through their “free trials” – although the trials typically only last 3 to 7 days and they require you to enter your credit card information.

There are actually two versions of My Cash Freebies promoted through the Total Funnel System. One version is called My Cash Freebies Express and the other is called My Cash Freebies Double.

Who Created the Total Funnel System?

The Total Funnel System was created by a guy named Jon Mroz. Jon Mroz is pretty well-known throughout the online marketing community. He’s a veteran multilevel marketer who has claimed to earn millions through online marketing.

At Jon’s official website, he posts regular updates from the network marketing industry. He also provides tips and tricks about everything from copywriting to lead generation to MLM recruiting.

Jon Mroz is a prominent member of the Empower Network. He’s also a member of all of the other network marketing services listed above. So when you pay to join the network marketing services, Jon gets a cut of that fee as commission.

Jon released the Total Funnel System in early 2015 after a reported 1.5 years in development. On his Facebook page, Jon called the Total Funnel System “the exact method I use to automate most of my marketing efforts.”

How Does the Total Funnel System Work?

Making money through the Total Funnel System is relatively straightforward. It includes two basic steps:

Step 1) You sign up for a business

Step 2) You start promoting that business to other people. If they join that business, you get paid commission.

There’s more to this system than meets the eye. First, you’ll typically need to pay a substantial amount of money to join each business. This money goes towards the person who recruited you. These commission fees keep the entire business afloat. Without these fees, you wouldn’t be able to get paid.

The Total Funnel System is specially designed to help you capture leads and convince those leads to join each business. The system includes things like a highly-converting lead capture page, a fully-loaded auto responder email campaign, and webinar presentations that guide prospects through the process of joining each company.

Your job is to push traffic through this system using your own affiliate link. If you push enough traffic through this system, then some of that traffic will be converted into sales. More traffic means more sales. Best of all, the system is entirely automated. If you can consistently push traffic into the funnel, then that funnel should consistently send money into your bank account.

Total Funnel System Affiliated Businesses

Total Funnel System promotes 6 different businesses. You’ll need to pay to join each of these businesses (except My Cash Freebies). Since you’ll be promoting and joining each business, you may want to know more about each one:

Empower Network

Empower Network is one of the world’s largest multilevel marketing companies. Empower Network salespeople don’t really sell any products. Instead, they just sell different memberships within the company. You’ll need to pay a minimum of $25 to join. If you pay that $25 fee, you’ll be constantly persuaded to upgrade your membership with different packages and options.

Ultimately, if you want the full Empower Network education and package, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $5,139.95 as well as $144.95 per month to stay active.

One of the most uncomfortable parts of The Empower Network is that people who don’t pay thousands for their membership packages are called “wussies”. Another problem is that you can only make affiliate income based on your membership level. So if you paid $25 for your membership and someone joins through your link and buys all the Empower Network products for $5,139.95, then you’ll only earn $25 commission.

Empower Network is embedded into the Total Funnel System as a must join procedure. If you want to earn full commission from the Empower Network, you’ll need to “go all in.”

Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage is a marketing platform that includes tools like auto-responders, lead capture pages, video email services, and a virtual conference room. Like the Empower Network, your membership status is based on how much you paid to join. If you join Pure Leverage at the largest account level, then you’ll need to pay $144 per month to maintain your active membership.

Internet Prospect Acceleration System

IPAS is simply a sales funnel for the Empower Network. It’s like a booster pack for joining the Empower Network. It has all the same qualities as the Empower Network – with the only major difference being the fact that you have to pay an additional $47 per month to maintain your IPAS membership.

IPAS does have some unique advantages. There’s more educational information available. You can also take advantage of the IPAS phone sales team to help close your prospects. That phone sales team comes at a hefty price, however, and you’ll need to pay $97 per month (plus the base subscription of $47 per month) to gain access to the call center.

You can join the Empower Network without joining IPAS. You cannot, however, join IPAS without joining the Empower Network first.

My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro is the most expensive item in the Total Funnel System. Joining MLSP and buying all the products will cost you $2,743.94 along with an annual fee of $1,499.97.

You don’t need to join MLSP for the Total Funnel System to work. However, if someone joins MLSP through your link and you’re not a member, then you won’t earn any commission from that person.


Aweber is a business service that provides an auto-responder platform and landing pages. It’s a user-friendly system that helps increase the conversion rate of your website. The service comes with a 30 day free trial, but after that, you’ll need to pay $19 to $149 per month depending on your number of email subscribers:

0 to 500 Subscribers: $19 per month

501 to 2,500: $29

2,501 to 5,000: $49

5,001 to 10,000: $69

10,001 to 25,000: $149

More than 25,000: Custom quote

Total Funnel System advertises this system as an investment in your business. When you invest in an email responder system, you can more easily convert traffic into leads.

My Cash Freebies

My Cash Freebies is the only business in Total Funnel System that is totally free to join. My Cash Freebies isn’t just one business: it’s an advertising network that includes hundreds of business. All of these businesses pay to get listed with My Cash Freebies with the goal of earning new customers.

These businesses earn new customers by offering free gifts and prizes to anyone who tries their products. You might sign up for a business’s free trial, for example, and get a free gift card for Amazon.

You can make money through My Cash Freebies on your own. However, you can maximize your marketing effort by referring friends to join. Every time you recruit a friend, you get more credits and get one step closer to cashing out.

Conclusion: Who Should Join Total Funnel System?

The Total Funnel System is advertised as being a free system. In reality, it will cost you a few hundred dollars per month if you want to maintain all active memberships in the program.

The system involves pushing online traffic through offer pages with the hopes that they join an affiliated business through your link. If you can do that consistently, then you can earn $50 to $1000+ per conversion.

Earning full commissions through Total Funnel System will require you to pay $538 per month. You also need to pay additional one-time fees to join each business, and those one-time fees can add up to $10,000 or more. Then there are the other costs of running your business, like the costs of traffic generation and website development.

What does all that mean for you? It means making money through the Total Funnel System isn’t as easy as Jon Mroz may advertise. However, someone with the right motivation, right traffic, and right startup capital can use the Total Funnel System to earn thousands in automated residual income every month.

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