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Smart Member is a new WordPress plugin released on June 15, 2015.

Find out if WP Smart Member is worth the price today in our review.

WP Smart Member

What is Smart Member?

Smart Member, also known as WP Smart Member, is a WordPress plugin that consists of several membership-based plugins rolled into one convenient package.

The plugin was created by a guy named Chris Record. Chris Record is best known for creating the Dark Post Profits software tool, which is used by Facebook marketers around the world to this day.

Smart Member consists of several tools that help you mail website visitors, upload videos, create capture pages, and manage affiliate products.

To do that, Smart Member includes multiple membership-based WordPress plugins, including all of the following:

WP Smart Mail Suite

This tool lets you bring all of your clients’ shopping activities into one simple platform. You can use the selective mailing tool to target specific topics: you can gauge popular interest in a particular product or send out information that was requested by previous buyers. You can setup auto responders for certain topics and manage your entire mailing list from a single interface.

JVZoo Approval Tool

If you want to setup an affiliate program, then JVZoo will help you do that. The JVZoo Approval Tool sorts through your affiliates to find those that best fit your requirements. You can setup the tool to automatically accept affiliate applicants from certain countries, or automatically deny affiliate requests from selected groups. If you want to streamline your affiliate network to only include high-quality affiliates, then the JVZoo Approval Tool will help.

Transcription Uploads

This simple tool lets you attach a transcription link to a video, audio file, or podcast, which is a great way to capture people who don’t have the time or patience to watch an entire video. Transcription Uploads will also attempt to improve your SEO by sorting the transcriptions into sub-sections, which lets search engines like Google easily crawl them.

Managing Live Casts

This tool lets you organize livecasts, like live Google Hangouts. You can also use it to organize training sessions and affiliate webinars, among other online training programs.

Free Content Distribution

One of the key features of WP Smart Member is the free content distribution. WP Smart Member wants to help your blog attract more visitors by providing free content in exchange for visiting your website. This viral marketing system promises to increase visitor numbers and on-page metrics, like time-on-page and bounce rate.

Sales Page Builder

Want to create a sales funnel on your site? WP Smart Member promises to help you do that using the Sales Page Builder tool. You can use this plugin to fill in your offer details, including introductory offer specials and contests. Then, this offer will appear in the space above the syllabus page to users who haven’t logged in, which can vastly increase your business’s sales figures.

Together, all of these plugins promise to make your life easier and increase your online profits – just like Dark Post Profits was able to do for Facebook marketers.

How to Join WP Smart Member

At the time of writing, WP Smart Member had not yet been launched. Chris Record, however, has been releasing preview videos on his site The final video is expected to be released on June 15, 2015, at which point Chris will officially launch WP Smart Member and open up registration.

It’s unknown at this point how much Smart Member will cost.

However, many people expect WP Smart Member to cost somewhere around $100, which was the price of Dark Post Profits.

Who Is Chris Record?

Chris Record is a member of the Empower Network who rose to fame after creating Dark Post Profits and Dark Post Profits 2.0. The original Dark Post Profits was launched in May 2014.

Depending on where you look, Chris Record is either described as a mysterious internet personality or as a “serial entrepreneur” who has been responsible for many successful product launches over the years.

In any case, Chris Record maintains an active online personality, including a Twitter account @ChrisRecord and his official website at, where he sells online marketing training and a free online newsletter.

Who Should Use Smart Member?

At this point, there’s very little information about WP Smart Member available online. The program is mysterious and fuelled by the hype of Chris Record’s own members at this point. This makes it difficult to determine what Chris Record is selling, how much he’s selling it for, and what’s included in that price.

Things should change once Smart Member launches on June 15. Stay tuned for further details as we get closer to the launch.

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