ShopAtHome Review offers coupons, discounts, and cash back programs for online purchases made at over 3,000 different retailers – including Best Buy, Nordstrom, Target, and Walmart.

Want to save money on your next online or offline purchase? claims to be able to help you do that. Find out how works today in our review.

What is is similar to many other discount and coupon code-style websites. It’s affiliated with over 3,000 different retailers and claims to have partnerships with 600 different magazines and e-newsletters.

Customers visit and browse through a selection of daily deals. Or, you can search for your favorite stores and brands in the top search bar.

Some of the discount offers are reward programs: you sign up for an affiliated retailer, buy a product, and earn between 1% and 35% of your purchase back as a cash reward.

Other deals involve the use of coupon codes: displays a coupon code, and you enter that coupon code into the shopping website when you’re ready to check out. is headquartered at 5575 Dtc Pkwy Ste 300 in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The website has been registered since 1995, although wasn’t launched until 2009. Keep in mind this is different than Dubli shopping network and the style in which they operate.

How Does Work? works on a cash back system: you look up retail stores through Then, you visit the site through their link and make a purchase. is affiliated with several major retailers, including Walmart, Cabela’s’ Kohl’s Travelocity, Pampers, Staples, Target, Sears, Dell, and various grocery stores.

You make a purchase on the retail website, then receive instant cash back in your account.

That “cash back” ranges from 1% to 35%. So if you buy a $200 table online from Walmart, you might get a cash back reward anywhere from $2 to $70.

Every time you make a purchase, that cash back money is added to your account. You can keep track of how much money you’ve earned, and will send you a check with your cash back several times per year.

You can’t cash out your account until you hit $12. will also only send you 12 checks per year. You can request a check any time your account has more than $12 in it.

In addition to the cash back program, offers standard coupon codes and other deals which come with no strings attached: you simply enter those codes at the affiliated retailer and save money on your purchase.

Shop At Home only covers online deals: so if you do most of your shopping at brick-and-mortar retail outlets, then may not be worth your time. Customer Reviews has mixed reviews online. Many customers claim to have experienced issues getting their money back.

One customer says that he had $28 in his account and decided to cash out, requesting a check. The money in his account instantly dropped to $0, but he never received a check. He claims that numerous calls to’s customer service went unanswered.

Another common complaint is that you need to be signed into your account in order to receive cash rewards. If you click on an affiliated retailer without being signed into your account, then your entire cash back rebate will go to – not to you.

One final common complaint involved payment problems: customers were charged multiple times for the same order. One customer ended up with dozens of the same order on her credit card, totaling $2,000 in excess charges.

Not all reviews are negative: other customers claimed to be pleasantly surprised when they received their first check from Many people sign up believing is a scam, only to discover that the website is legitimate when they cash out and see the check arrive in their mailbox a few days later.

Conclusion: Who Should Use

Take a look at and browse through the affiliated retailers. If you spend a lot of money online at retailers like Best Buy, Nordstrom, Target, and Walmart, then Shop At Home could be an easy way to get cash back on every purchase you make from those online stores.

The main concern about is the fact that numerous customers have complained about “misplaced” cash backs. They claim that refuses to mail out checks, answer its customer service hotline, or deliver the full amount of money they were promised. That’s worrying.

Once again, only applies to online purchases. But if you do a lot of online shopping at some of America’s major retailers, then could give you anywhere from 1% to 35% cash back on your purchases.

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