Secret Money Vault Review (Tony Pearce’s Binary Options System)

Secret Money Vault Review – Is It Legit?

Secret Money Vault is an online trading software system which promises to help anyone make $850 per day – yes, even people with no trading experience or technical skills.

Secret Money Vault also claims that it’s only opening its membership to 120 people – and 72 of those spots are already full at the time of writing.

What’s the big deal with Secret Money Vault? Well, it’s easily one of the most interesting online trading systems on the internet today – especially when you read its supposed origin story. Find out how Secret Money Vault works today in our Secret Money Vault review.

What is Secret Money Vault?

Secret Money Vault can be found at a website called At that website, you’ll see just a few basic things, including a contact form and an auto-play video.

That video tells you an entertaining story about the origins of Secret Money Vault. It also tells you – repeatedly – to enter your name and email address into the form to the right of the video.

Eventually, if you enter your name, email address, and phone number, you’ll finally figure out what Secret Money Vault actually is: it’s a fully automated trading program which makes binary option trades on your behalf, generating you thousands of dollars of income every day.

Secret Money Vault was created by an ex-spy named Tony Pearce and a mysterious Norwegian banker named Kristoff (no last name).

History of Secret Money Vault

One of the best parts of Secret Money Vault is its unique and interesting history. If you watch the full sales video for Secret Money Vault, you’ll learn some interesting things about the global economic and banking systems.

Here’s the premise behind Secret Money Vault:

Every day, $4 trillion is traded on global markets. A small percentage of that money is siphoned off every day into a secret vault. That secret vault is located on a small network of servers in Sweden, where it passes through 12 layers of encryption every day for maximum privacy and security.

Here’s where Tony Pearce comes in: Tony Pearce was once a freelance agent in the intelligence community. He wasn’t a spy. Instead, he claims he was a technician or data analyst. His job was to monitor computers and look for anything out of the ordinary – including everything from terrorism to irregular international banking activities.

Tony Pearce was actually assigned to the same server farm in Sweden that acts as a “secret vault.” There, he met a team of technicians who were going to a nearby security conference. At that conference, Tony met a Norwegian guy named Kristoff who reportedly made a 6 figure income “on the side” using a unique trading system. He sat in front of a computer and made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so.

These people all agreed that anyone who could intercept the raw data going into the secret Swedish vault could become very wealthy.

In that sense, the vault doesn’t actually contain money. It contains data. Or maybe it actually contains money: Tony never really explains exactly what the vault is, or how it works. All he explains is that you can instantly make a lot of money with that vault.

Tony kept in touch with Kristoff after the conference. Tony decided to look into online trading as a way to make money – his freelance intelligence work wasn’t making enough, so he asked Kristoff what to do. Kristoff emailed Tony some instructions.

Tony fired up an online trading account and deposited $250. Tony claims that “within a few minutes, that $250 had turned into $425.” After 2 days, it was $1025. And after a full week, he had made $1,790.

Tony continued to use Kristoff’s system for the next few weeks. Despite knowing “several” computer languages, Tony claimed that he didn’t need to use any of that to work this system, nor did he have any experience with online trading or market economics.

Kristoff’s system wasn’t perfect, however: there were still some moments when Tony lost money. So Tony decided to improve upon the system.

Tony eventually created an algorithm that decrypts trading data going to and from severs. This algorithm was specially designed to determine where various assets were going. Tony claims he spent three months creating this algorithm. The algorithm decrypted these mysterious numbers going through the secret vault. This data helped Tony determine whether an asset would go up or down – and at what time.

How Does Secret Money Vault Work?

Secret Money Vault works by predicting trades before they happen. It uses a top-secret algorithm to analyze the difference between reported data and factual data. Traders can use this difference to make enormous amounts of money.

Of course, Tony isn’t predicting the future. We’re talking about short-term trades here. As in analyzing data on trades that will occur within the next 5 to 10 minutes.

As you may have guessed, we’re talking about binary options trading.

What is Binary Options Trading?

Think of all the stuff that gets traded on global markets every day: currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.

You can put a bet on any of those things. Those bets are called “options”. When you place a binary option on a certain asset, you’re betting on whether that option will go up or down.

Let’s say you have $100. You log into Secret Money Vault at 1:30pm and put down $100 that ABC Stock will increase in price within the next 5 minutes. If you’re right, you win $170. If you’re wrong, you get $15 back.

That’s the kind of premise that Secret Money Vault is based on.

Secret Money Vault claims to use an automated system to make intelligent binary options trades on your account. If you don’t want the online software to automatically make trades for you, then you can flick the “On” switch to “Off” to make manual trades on your own.

Tony’s unique algorithm can be used to predict the near-future price of gold, currency pairings, and entire stock markets. This gives traders a unique edge over the competition and lets you make huge amounts of profit.

How does the algorithm work? In the words of Tony, the algorithm “compares raw data with the published data” in order to analyze the supply and demand of various assets. What exactly does that mean? I don’t really know.

Anyways, the idea is that you sign up, deposit some money, turn on the automated trading software, and log back in every few hours to see how much money you’re making.

Is Secret Money Vault a Scam?

Secret Money Vault makes some amazingly confident predictions. In the product description for Secret Money Vault, Tony says things like:

“We could call trades before they happened. The timing of the trades is absolutely critical, so that’s why we programmed the software to make the trade at the exact required time.”

“There is no need to worry about charts or trends or which asset to trade on.”

“This disparity has existed for a while but won’t be shut down because” [Tony lowers his voice to a conspiratorial whisper] “too many banks and investment funds are earning well off it”

“We have the opportunity to earn ourselves the lifestyle we deserve. This system allows you to build a 6 to 7 figure income while completely eliminating the risks associated with trading.”

“95% accuracy. Daily profits are guaranteed. Your family is instantly taken care of.”

There are also 4-5 user testimonials in which men and women from the United States, UK, Australia, and other countries talk about how amazed they are to be suddenly wealthy using this system. In some of these testimonials, the users appear to be reading off cue cards. All of the users, however, seem extremely happy to be rich thanks to Secret Money Vault.

How to Use Secret Money Vault

Using Secret Money Vault is easy:

Step 1) Enter your name and email address into the front page of Secret Money Vault

Step 2) Enter your phone number on the next page to complete the signup process

That’s it! You never have to enter your credit card or pay anything: it’s totally free.

Once you’re a member, you can click Put and Call options on various commodities. The front page shows BMW, Bitcoin, Silver, DAX, Cooper, USD/CAD, and USD/RUB as a few of the commodities currently being traded.

Of course, if that’s all too complicated for you, then you can simply click the “On” button to let the software make trades on your behalf.

Why is Tony Pearce Sharing this System?

Of course, one of the first questions smart people ask about Secret Money Vault is: why is Tony sharing this system? Wouldn’t it be smarter to only share his system with close family and friends so they could all be rich together?

Tony answers this question by saying:

“Look at my bank accounts. I don’t need any more money. I have made more than I ever need. It’s no fun being rich if you only have a few lucky ones to share it with. I enjoy helping people out.”

That’s really nice of him.

In any case, Tony claims to be restricting access to this system to just 120 people for two different reasons:

— First, “we don’t want everyone and their dog having access to this surefire moneymaker”

— And second, “Kristoff and I are dedicating our personal time into this, and we can’t give members the personal time they deserve” if there are too many members

Can I Use My Own Broker?

You cannot bring your own broker to Secret Money Vault. Instead, you must use one of a handful of affiliated brokers.

Each broker has been specially chosen according to its security, competitive trading fees, and customer service. Only a lucky few brokers were chosen to integrate themselves with the Secret Money Vault software.

Conclusion: Should You Use Secret Money Vault?

Binary options trading is a gamble: nobody knows whether a certain commodity will go up or down in the next 5 minutes. Unless somebody has advanced knowledge of a news event, there’s just no way to predict it.

Secret Money Vault claims to have created an algorithm that intercepts financial data before it hits the market, letting anyone make thousands of dollars in just a few hours with binary options trading.

It claims this system is legal, easy-to-use, and totally automated. It’s also free. Whether you join Secret Money Vault or not depends on your faith in Tony and his system.

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