Prepping for Pennies

Prepping for Pennies Review

Prepping for Pennies is a step-by-step guide to prepping for the worst – without having to spend a fortune on supplies and survival gear. We all know that in a disaster situation, essential supplies become scarce. Prepping for Pennies is a thorough guide that details how you can prep for the worst on a budget.

Prepping For Pennies

Prepping for Pennies Overview

Prepping for Pennies was created by Dave Steen, a 55-year old veteran living in Austin, TX. After living through Hurricane Katrina, Steen decided to write down his experience and things he learned while suffering through the severe flooding and devastation.

In his program, Steen introduces what equipment, gear, and supplies you will need to survive a disaster setting. However, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on prepping gear. Steen shows you how you can prep for literally pennies on the dollar.

What’s in Prepping for Pennies?

Prepping for Pennies comes with three different e-books, which will all help you prep for a disaster in a different way. The E-books are very simple to understand and give detailed and precise information about how to carefully prep for disasters on a budget.

Steen uses an approach that he dubs the 7-Secret Slasher Technique, which he has personally used and perfected for well over 30 years.

All of the advice and methods in Prepping for Pennies are useful for any type of disaster setting and have real-life practical uses. Some of the things taught in Prepping for Pennies include:

— Affordable Ways To Stockpile Water
— How To Obtain A Safe, Secure Shelter
— How To Build Cheap And Effective Equipment
— How To Make Your Own Generator
— How Much Food, Water, And Other Supplies Are Needed
— How To Prep On A Tight Budget

Pros and Cons of Prepping for Pennies

Prepping for Pennies has several advantages over other types of prepping programs. First, Prepping for Pennies is designed to help everybody learn how to prep for a disaster, regardless of their financial situation. You don’t have to be wealthy to prep – all you have to do is know how to budget.

Second, Steen has a writing style that makes it incredibly easy to understand his points. Steen also directly points out why his recommendations and methods work and applies them to real life situations, when he was going through Katrina.

Third and finally, Steen truly helps his readers create a whole new approach towards prepping. While prepping may seem crazy to some, the truth is that a disaster could strike us at any given time. Being able to prepare and knowing what to do in disaster situation could be the difference between you and your family’s life or death.


There really are not any major disadvantages to Prepping for Pennies. It is by far one of the most valuable prepping programs online and the real life stories and examples used by Steen are absolutely incredible.

If there was really any disadvantage, it would be that Prepping for Pennies is only available online. Prepping for Pennies comes in E-book form, which means you’ll always need computer access to view its’ material.

Where to Buy Prepping for Pennies

Prepping for Pennies is a complete and thorough prepping program that is beneficial to everybody. It is available for only $39 and it contains over 200 pages of detailed information on how to prep for the worst in the event it should ever occur.

If you’ve been wanting to start prepping or need a guide on how to better prepare for the worse, then you need Prepping for Pennies. There are no other programs like it on the market and it is truly the best prepping program there has ever been.

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