Podcasters Paradise Review

Podcasters' Paradise by Entrepreneur On Fire's John Lee Dumas is a Learn How To Create, Grow & Monetize your Podcast Audience on iTunes product. Read our review.

Podcasters Paradise Review (Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast)

Learn How To Podcast

Podcasters Paradise is a B2B product targeting online business owners who make videos for their site visitors. In today's interactive marketplace, that's a growing customer base!

The Growing Role of Podcasts

Podcasts are now used to showcase products, explain benefits, attract customers, build teams, give product reviews, and last but not least: entertain. Take a look for yourself on any video channel (YouTube, etc) and there's evidence that just about everyone and his grandmother is making podcasts these days…

So Many Podcasts Out There Need Help…Podcasters Paradise to the Rescue

Yes, so many people are making podcasts, but most of them are not very good at all! Honestly, some of the worst examples of those which aim to convince people to sign up for an opportunity.

Yikes, what these people could learn from an outfit like Podcasters' Paradise! This organization claims to show its members how to:

  1. create a great podcast, step-by-step
  2. create podcasts that people will want more of…so you grow your audience (and your business)
  3. monetize your podcasts…what good are they if they don't earn something for you?

There are more benefits to joining, like:

  • access to private podcasts made by experts, who give valuable tips about podcasting
  • access to private Facebook group of like-minded Podcasters…trade ideas, give and receive commentary, and hone your podcasting skills with other entrepreneurs
  • resources like Podcsters FAQ, email templates & document samples

Podcasters' Paradise is college for people who want to make video presentations and monetize them. It offers skills for the long term, which can be applied to virtually any business venture.

Less Than College Benefits for More Than College Prices

Yes, it's an education…perhaps the equivalent to a 2 or 3-credit community college course. Actually, maybe the community college course would be worth more, since it will actually be a college credit which you could transfer or put on your resume. It would have been taught be credentialed professionals within an academic setting complete with testing standards etc.

Anyway, the price for a similar 2-credit class at a real college or university would be anywhere from $90 to $500, for an in-state student. For 3 credits, that's $135 to $750.

The price of Podcaster's Paradise is $1097.

When you join Podcaster's Paradise, you're paying for instruction from questionable authorities, at a price that's ten times the price of a comparable course at a real college.

That's what we mean by “less than college benefits for more than college credit”. You don't even get to meet your “professors” face-to-face and do all that beneficial career networking that makes college so worth the price. You don't get to ask questions in real time, as the class is happening, as they occur to you. There are so many things you don't get!

Still, for Some the Expense is Worth It

We could recommend Podcasters' Paradise to anyone who has the cash and who truly wants to learn from what appears to be people who are on the forefront of the podcasting world. However, for a start-up business that's struggling with funding, this is not the wisest course of action to take for growing your business. If you can find something similar at a local community college, go for that instead.

We couldn't end, however, without mentioning that the testimonial section for the Podcasters' Paradise website is truly convincing. It appears that many people who've joined find the price to be well worth the money.

You must admit, since podcasting is still sort of in its infancy, it's an exciting time to get in on becoming one of the best, while others continue to flounder around in “amateur land”.

If time is of the essence, and you've got $1097, there might be a spot for this service in your business plan. They've created a science out of identifying the basic construct of a good podcast, so you can use that to quickly begin making superb quality podcasts right now if that's what you require for your business.

There's a place in this world for every over-priced product!

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