Leafit Social Network (Mobile App)

When I first heard about Leafit (leafit.com and leafit.biz), I was skeptical…I mean a social network that promises a mobile app to make money posting pictures just like you would on facebook, instagram, twitter and the like?

How could you possibly make money just from posting everyday things on social media sites? But, as I learned more about the company and started to understand the actual process behind it, I knew it was ahead of its time in a revolutionary way to look at social media.

After all, why should major social media platforms profit and benefit from your network, your circle, your friends when your lucky to see a dime from any of those ever?

leafitThe way that Leafit works is surprisingly simple. The entire concept revolves around pictures that are shared on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Essentially, every Leafit user is supposed to pick products that they think will sell amongst their social media friends, and then share photos of these products. They can attach a link for the best price of the product to the photo, and then fellow social media users can buy the products through the pictures. Simple enough, right?

Leafit is a unique form of affiliate marketing that is user friendly and easy to use. Every affiliate makes 10 percent commission from each sale that they make, and there is even a free account that you can start out with.

This is the account that I used initially, but I eventually upgraded to the 40-dollar account that lets you become an associate. The associate account gives you access to a back end office, as well as other features that help you to market your products better and reach a larger scope of potential buyers.

With the amount of money that Leafit gives you the opportunity to earn, this 40 dollars is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

I have had extensive experience in the affiliate marketing world, and this is the first affiliate program that I genuinely recommend to all individuals, even if they do not have any experience with marketing.

Although marketing experience will help you to make more sales at first, these skills are something that Leafit allows you to earn along the way. You by no means have to be an expert in order to earn money with this program, and a degree in marketing is not necessary whatsoever.

The most difficult part of using Leafit is being able to successfully identify what will sell amongst your friend groups. But, after doing your research and paying close attention to those who you connect with online, this will become an easy part of the selling process that you will barely think twice about.

Most of your friends will likely be individuals that are fairly similar to you and have interests in the same things. This means that you have the ability to gain a solid understanding of the products that they will want to purchase, and will be able to successfully market what they are interested in, thus earning you more money.

What sets Leafit apart from most other affiliate programs is its direct connection to social media. With social media becoming an increasingly more important aspect of our everyday lives, it has a lot of potential power that we need to take more advantage of.

Leafit does just that, and it gives you a way to revamp affiliate marketing and how you view the buyer/seller dynamic. Once I became an active member of Leafit, marketing suddenly became easier than ever before. I was earning more money than I had earned in years, and I genuinely enjoyed what I was doing.

For all of you who are interested in giving Leafit a try, I strongly recommend that you do so, and I promise that it will transform your career in more ways than you can imagine being possible.

I am just glad we didnt have to use the word Facebook more than 3 times when talking about a new social network and mobile app platform that has a goal of getting you paid for posting pictures of yourself!

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