We have a review about Mark Hoverson here – but now his new little ‘intelligent income idea’ stream has just been upgraded with the innovative LeaderCopy product.

It is $37 and I do not know if there will be an affiliate program attached to it. But here is what he had to say, suavely summarized so we could write a legit review about it.

leader copyMr. Hoverson is one of the leading direct response marketers in the world in the past 7 years became ‘culticly obsessed’ with the art of getting people to respond directly to his marketing – without any hesitation or peer guidance or advice – on the spot, sign on the dot, and transactions and sales are made – that’s what Leader Copy focuses on is mastering direct response marketing.

No matter the medium (video, feed, webinar, post or ad), he saw it and sought it out to be a world of ultimate creativity and experience that could dramatically change his life – and it did – to the tune of generating nearly 20,000,000 in sales over the years (JVs and partners included).

The secret sauce Ad Copy for his direct response marketing campaigns lies within a few variants:

#1 – open up more personal time freedom for you
#2 – create you faster profits in less time (with less work)
#3 – reduce your frustrations to a bare minimum
#4 – allow you to increase your contribution, and release your ideas more elegantly and easily.

These materially mastered and manifested methods he covers can give anyone with the ability to utilize and leverage the power of words into action to create instant purchases and sales.
Like the Wolf on Wall Street movie script, “everything in this world is for sale, the question is, how well can you sell it…”

We will update you with more about Mark Hoverson’s Leader Copy as we find out more about it – for now, all we can say is tune in and stay turned up because when someone has generated 8 figures worth of sales in 7 years, it is worth you listening to these messages to grow your business faster!

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