As multi-level marketing becomes more and more popular amongst individuals that work from home, new companies and MLM opportunities are continuing to pop up each and every day. One of the most recently created MLM business models is iGetMania, which was originally known as GetEasy.

Although the new version of this company was only just released in 2015, iGetMania is already being used by individuals all across the world.

This MLM business model provides opportunities to earn income through both sales and the act of recruiting more members, all of which provide the average individual with ample opportunities to earn extra cash. Currently, iGetMania has a headquarters that is based in London, but it is also said to have very close connections with other European countries, such as Luxembourg.

iGetMania Review

It is marketing the new version of this business model by highlighting its potential for sustainability and extensive growth, which were two major critiques of the earlier version of this company, GetEasy.

When individuals choose to invest in iGetMania, they are in turn investing in the leasing of Global Positioning System equipment, as this is the type of product that iGetMania is most currently invested in. Once you take a look at iGetMania’s activity and advertisement tactics, you will quickly notice that they promote these investments through social media, conferences, and other Internet outlets.

Once members purchase packages through their membership program, this money is then used for the company’s investments, and the revenue is split between the investors and iGetMania’s employees.

However, not all investors receive equal amounts of this revenue. The revenue is divided based off of how active each member is, how many new members each member has recruited, and other assorted things.

There is a points system in order to keep track of these activities and divide the revenue as fairly as possible, and bonuses and commissions are also given to members when applicable. Additionally, each member is strongly encouraged to recruit a minimum of two new members to his or her personal iGetMania “team”. At this time, iGetMania’s biggest selling point for recruiting new members is the promise of large profits and returns on their investments.


While many individuals have sworn by iGetMania and praised it for being such a lucrative investment opportunity, others are not quite so sure that this company is what it claims it is. Although there currently is no formal lawsuit or complaint against iGetMania, some individuals have worried that it does not give members the proper amount of revenue that it should.

Conversely, others have argued that there will always be a risk with any sort of investment, and proper precautions thus must be executed.

iGetMania is very forward about the fact that not all members make equal amounts of revenue, and it is very much an MLM business model that requires individuals to put forth large amounts of effort in order to greatly benefit and earn a substantial amount of money. As iGetMania was only just made public, it will still take some time in order to determine this business model’s potential for long term success.




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