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Elite Marketing Pro Review

You may think “Elite Marketing Pro” is simply a list of buzzwords but it's actually much more than that. While nobody can argue that the number of people starting an online business has risen …no exploded in the last couple of years, it can be said that most of them need help.

That's where Elite Marketing Pro comes in. It takes a whole lot to turn a financially strapped housewife and turn her into a savvy marketing pro who runs a lucrative business. Likewise, it may take even more to get an aimless kid who quit college and transform him into a go-getter who's obsessed with his (or her) own online business venture.

Elite Marketing Pro aims to make entrepreneurs out of all of us, so let's see what exactly they have in mind. If you believe them, we all have a lot to gain! Even though we have to say upfront as make money experts, we believe programs like ipas2 or High Traffic Academy will be much better off in the long run.

What is Elite Marketing Pro?

It's a system which allows you to build an online marketing empire. There's no need to already have a product, a list of leads, or any capital whatsoever. The system will provide members with a turn-key business or a way to promote their current online businesses.

EMP's View of Online Businesses

There's apparently a problem with affiliate and network marketing programs out there, according to EMP. The problem is, they don't have large reserves of cash, or even much of a cash flow at all. This is the reason, they state, that they only pay out to their distributors a very small percentage and the only way to make any real money is to make TONS of sales.

These programs make their money on the big-ticket items which they sell, not their distributors.

Therefore, network marketing and affiliate programs are supposedly not the way to earn a living online.

Don't Worry, Elite Marketing Pro Has the Answer

Now that they've put down the rest of the online money-making ventures out there, EMP gives us a better solution. They even go so far as to call execs of network marketing programs “swindlers” and the whole scene is described as “shark-infested waters”.

Bad-mouthing the competition is one way to make your own product look better, but it's not very “Pro”fessional. Elite Marketing Pro also puts down e-books, direct selling, software suites designed to automate various processes of online businesses, and just about everyone else but themselves.

OK, but what does EMP have to offer?

What You Get

Quality traffic is promised “the minute you join”. They even claim they'll do everything and all you do is sit back and watch the checks stack up.

  1. A marketing machine that transforms leads into customers automatically!
  2. Commissions for selling the automatic traffic and lead generation system to others.
  3. Commissions on educational products.
  4. Monthly residual income for subscribers you sign up.

Sounds too good to be true. Where's the proof? How good is the product? They do nothing but make extraordinary claims.

Well, it's a marketing company, so in the spirit of putting your money where your mouth is, how well do they market their own product to the pubic?

Show us What You Got, EMP

Elite Marketing Pro markets their own product as if it were snake oil. The heavy-handed techniques re a huge turn-off, and they're what gave the whole industry a bad name to begin with.

What does that tell you about what they have to teach their members? This is old-school stuff aimed at people from a generation ago, before we all wised up and learned to be a little more skeptical about online entrepreneurship.

They go on to make lot of claims, putting down other similar products but not telling us why EMP is any better. They do claim that membership is worth $19,381 your first year but you can have it for only $1,997 a year. Come on! Do people really just believe everything they read?

The Quickly-Reached Verdict

Elite Marketing Pro is old-school, and online that's not something you want to be. Real network marketing professionals are making actual strides towards bringing the industry to the mainstream. That means building trust in the system by hiring quality distributors and training them really well, as well as offering quality products.

Their marketing tactics are outdated, so it's hard to imagine what they could do for your own online business. That, combined with the wild, insultingly unbelievable claims of success, make it all seem pretty flimsy. EMP is neither very Professional, very current with Marketing techniques, nor elite in any way that's easy to see.

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