Dark Post Profits

Dark Post Profits 2.0 is coursework showing how to profit from Facebook advertising. It was designed and developed by fellow Empower Network entrepreneur Chris Record and launched in May of 2014. Still in its infancy, it seemed like a good idea so I looked into it. First, about the name behind the product…

Who is Chris Record?

Well it's hard to say because his website was broken at the time of writing. Only the following message was given at chrisrecord.com:

Alert! There was a problem while connecting to LeadPages server! Message: LeadPages Account is disabled!

No prob, let's visit his Twitter page. Listed there you'll find his website “http://internetmarketerseeksapprentice.com”. That's down too.

Things are not looking good for Chris Record!

Perhaps the darkpostprofits.com website will tell us something. Nope- it's merely a splash page with a video and a join now button (feels template-ey). Nothing to learn here at all, except the product costs $100. Doesn't even say what the product is!

This is incredible. It's possible to find out about Dark Post Profits only on review websites…and even then it's very sketchy and thin on details. What the…?

OK, let's click on the “Affiliate” link at the bottom of http://darkpostprofitspro.com/ or http://darkpostprofits.com…

You get redirected to a confusing site: www.jvzoo.com. Seems to be some sort of clearing house for affiliate marketing programs. You get the opportunity to log in, or to view Chris Record's profile.

Ahaa, finally! I wouldn't feel comfortable buying anything at this point, but finally I'll learn about Chris Record.

Nope, but I do finally get a description of the product…one tiny paragraph stating that Dark Post Profits 1.0 (not 2.0) is an Advertising Course that will teach you how to take advantage of the Facebook Newsfeed in 2014.

Now I REALLY don't want to be involved at all..Dark Post Profits 1.0 is already obsolete within less than a year of launching.

The problems are mounting. I've now invested 15 minutes of trying to find out about Chris Record and his product and all I know is that

  • this guy seems to have gone missing
  • his original product lasted less than a year
  • all his websites are down
  • he uses a lead page template for his own business (LeadPages™)
  • his JVZoo account has not been updated
  • his Facebook page is more about his kids and him jumping on a car than his product, which is appropriate, but at this point I'm desperate to find anything about DPP so I checked it out

Will potential customers and leads ever put in this much work to finding out about Chris Record and his product? I'm now 20 minutes in and still know nothing. Don't care anymore because if this is the way he runs his marketing campaign, this business is doomed.

I did learn one thing: Dark Post Profits 2.0 launches on March 9, 2015. With hollow excitement, I'm happy for Chris Record but at the same time annoyed that I just worked so hard to learn about this product only to end up knowing only that he has some kids and he loves to wear baseball caps.

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Product

This is all too bad, since I'd love to learn how to leverage Facebook ads…and wouldn't mind finding out about the opportunity. Seems like a potential hit, since even internet marketers are a little shaky on how to wring profits from FB.

The internet is the world's most highly developed system for disseminating information. Why oh why then, is it so hard to find one single word about this product, who wrote it, what company stands behind it, what qualifications they have, the affiliate opportunity…anything?

I simply can't imaging shelling out $100 to this faceless mystery setup whose current call to action features a photo of an odd-looking baby next to a “Click Here” button. Why would anyone click there? Buy the product based on what?

The Final Verdict: Hang it All

What a totally frustrating experience, trying to decipher this product and the company behind it…totally shrouded in mystery, propelled by a confusing array of broken websites and irrelevant and uninformative social media profiles. How will Chris Record and Dark Post Profits 2.0 get anywhere selling a social media product, when they can't even master the basics of sharing information on the internet via a plain old website?


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