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Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser Review

Chloe + Isabel is a fashion jewelry brand that eliminates the middle man and sells its jewelry exclusively through “Merchandisers”. Anyone can join to become a merchandiser and start earning commissions of 25% to 40% per sale.

Unlike other companies in this niche, Chloe + Isabel does not operate as a multilevel marketing company. There are no pyramid schemes or recruiting requirements: it’s just you selling jewelry to individuals, either online or in-person (like at pop-up stores and parties).

What is Chloe + Isabel?

To decide whether or not Chloe + Isabel is for you, let’s first talk about the brand. Chloe + Isabel calls itself a “fashion jewelry brand devoted to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail.”

The company was founded by Chantel Waterbury, who is also currently the CEO. Chantel started working in jewelry design immediately after college. She had a 15 year career in jewelry merchandising for Target, Macy’s, Gap, Kenneth Cole, Tiffany and Co., and Cartier. In 2010, she was offered a dream job as a Chief Merchant of one of the top designer jewelry brands.

Soon after that, Chantel decided to turn her years of experience to good use. She started a company that would not only let her sell jewelry, but also help young women across America enjoy an opportunity to earn a reliable income on their own.

So if the company was founded by a woman named Chantel, then where does the name Chloe + Isabel come from?

Here’s what the official website has to say:

“Chloe” is a fearless fashionista, always in search of the season’s hottest trends, while “Isabel” appreciates, above all, timeless, beautifully-crafted pieces. Whether you're a Chloe, an Isabel, or a Chloe-bel (that's a bit of both!), we are a destination for all women!

What Does Chloe + Isabel Sell?

Chloe + Isabel sells a wide range of jewelry pieces starting at $18. New styles and pieces are launched every month to keep up with the latest trends.

Chloe + Isabel has two goals with all its products:

Artisan Design: Each piece is hand-drawn in the Chloe + Isabel New York City studio.

Quality Materials: All jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead safe.

There are necklaces, bracelets, pendants, armlets, bangles, rings, brooches, anklets, amulets, lockets, and almost any other type of jewelry you could think of.

The goal of Chloe + Isabel’s direct selling opportunity is to eliminate the middlemen and avoid retail markup. This lets women buy luxury jewelry at affordable prices.

Chloe + Isabel Compensation Structure

Chloe + Isabel has a straightforward compensation structure that can help you earn $5,000 per month or more in commission. Here are the key features of that plan:

— 25% To 40% Commission On All Personal Sales
— Free Jewelry Credits With Each Sale
— 30% To 50% Discounts At All Times
— Monthly Incentive Prizes For Merchandisers

How to Join Chloe + Isabel

Unlike other direct marketing companies, Chloe + Isabel doesn’t have a bunch of different buy-in packages. Instead, it simply has one package that includes everything you need. That means every new merchandiser starts off on the same foot.

Jewels & Tools Kit – $175

The Jewels & Tools kit includes “over $700 worth of jewelry” across a total of 15 pieces. That jewelry comes in a Chloe + Isabel branded jewelry carrying case. You also get all of the following items:

— Paycard

— Lookbooks (Catalogs)

— Ordering Forms

— Wishlists

— Exclusive Chloe + Isabel branch necklace just for merchandisers

— Online office with a sales dashboard featuring business analytics

— Marketing center that includes one-click social media sharing and personal click-through data

— Online boutique website with your own unique URL that lets you sell Chloe + Isabel merchandise with no annual fees

— Access to the Chloe + Isabel academy, which promises to teach new merchandisers everything they need to know about being successful salespeople

— Community support (you can talk to Chloe + Isabel staff and other merchandisers online)

Once you’ve purchased the $175 Jewels & Tools kit, you can immediately begin selling Chloe + Isabel merchandise. You can sell from your online shop or open up in-person pop-up shops. You can also sell directly to people you know or have a product showcase party in your home.

There’s no need to keep inventory with you. The only inventory you need is the jewelry you keep for pop-ups and personal styling. Otherwise, all customer orders are placed directly through Chloe + Isabel and shipped straight to the customer.

Can Anyone Join Chloe + Isabel’s Become a Merchandiser Program?

Joining Chloe + Isabel isn’t quite as straightforward as paying a $175 fee and immediately launching your company.

Every new applicant goes through an interview. New applicants will be contacted by a member of the Community Team. These members are looking for people based on the following requirements:

“We hand-select creative, confident + ambitious women, driven by their professional + personal goals.”

There are only a limited number of applicants accepted each month. Chloe + Isabel is currently accepting new applicants and promises to get in touch with applicants within 24 to 48 hours.

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