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Auto Funnel Press Review

Auto Funnel Press advertises itself as a “system that creates systems.” Anyone can use it to create membership sites, affiliate networks, training platforms, and replicated systems. It’s catered towards internet marketers and anyone who earns an income online (or wants to create a membership site/affiliate-style product that earns them an income online).

What is Auto Funnel Press?

Auto Funnel Press, often abbreviated to AFP, is a unique system that calls itself an “all-in-one” solution. Online marketers can use Auto Funnel Press to manage multiple income streams at the same time.

Key features of the platform include:

-Creating replicated membership systems

-Assigning different users to unique landing pages, capture pages, and registration pages

-Enrolling distributors

-Selling training or affiliate products

-Managing customers

-Having your own members promote your content using affiliate block technology

That last feature is one of the biggest advantages of using Auto Funnel Press: other AFP users can earn commissions by promoting your content/products. So if you have a good product that people think they can sell, then it may gain some viral traction and be promoted by thousands of members.

How to Use Auto Funnel Press

Auto Funnel Press is designed to be easy to use. You install it onto an existing WordPress site. After installing it, you can create special features for your WordPress website, like a member’s area, video guides, and training.

If you’re selling an online training program, for example, then you can setup internal paywalls. Lock your content behind a paywall and make money through membership fees.

Auto Funnel Press is surprisingly easy to use. Just like WordPress, Auto Funnel Press comes in the form of a drag and drop visual editor. There are also customizable templates.

If you’ve always wanted to create a membership-based product online, then Auto Funnel Press contains everything you need to make that product succeed.

Affiliate Block Technology

Auto Funnel Press is proud of one feature called Affiliate Block Technology. This feature allows members of your site to make money by referring other people to join.

That’s not too advanced in itself: but Affiliate Block Technology lets affiliates receive commissions from multiple levels down. Members can make, say, 20% commission from each new member they refer and then 5% from each sale a member they recruited makes.

Basically Auto Funnel Press lets you create a multilevel marketing company – or at least an MLM stlye commission structure – with very little work.

Pre-Loaded Systems and Templates

Auto Funnel Press promises to have everything you need available right out of the box. It includes features like pre-loaded landing pages, content pages, and templates.

Each template has been custom-designed by the creator of Auto Funnel Press. All templates are also customizable and expandable, which means users should have no trouble adding their content prior to a launch.

Replicated Marketing Pages

Auto Funnel Press lets you create different landing pages for each customer. If you want your members to feel extra special, then you can create a custom URL just for them. That URL can create a slightly-different version of a regular landing page, or it can be totally customized to that member.

Automated Email List Building

Auto Funnel Press lets you seamlessly integrate your existing auto responder if you choose. That means you can send automated emails to each new member that joins your site.

Even if you don’t have an auto responder system set up, Auto Funnel Press will automatically send registration confirmation emails to each new member.

Mobile and Responsive

Auto Funnel Press is designed with both mobile and desktop devices in mind. The creator promises that “your system will look gorgeous on all types of devices.”

Members can access the members’ area from any smartphone or tablet. This makes sure you never lose a client because of access restrictions.

Total Member Management

Block access to certain members, grant new permission to members, and easily manage a member’s content from the back-end. Auto Funnel Press even lets you change a user’s password. You have total control over your members.

Who Made Auto Funnel Press?

Auto Funnel Press was made by a guy named Jon Mroz. Jon Mroz claims to have started his internet marketing business from scratch and ended up generating “over $3 million in online profits” using a system just like Auto Funnel Press. He decided to make the system available to the public.

At Jon’s official website,, he lists a little more information about himself. Jon lists his current location as Jacksonville, Florida, although he grew up in a small town called Crofton, Maryland.

Jon claims to have made his success through “the #1 training community in the industry”. Jon claims he held the leading position as a personal coach and mentor where students would pay $4,000 for his personal assistance. After that, he focused on making online attraction marketing systems that require no cold calling and no chasing family and friends.

You can read more about Jon’s story here:

Jon also lists a guy named Gary Smith as one of the top programmers of the system. There are no other team members listed, so it looks like Auto Funnel Press was created entirely by Jon and Gary.

How Much Does Auto Funnel Press Cost?

Auto Funnel Press is available at two levels:

Single Site: $297

Unlimited Sites: $497

Both programs contain the same features: they both include member’s area access, video guides and training, advanced integration resources, and unlimited updates/support for one year.

The only difference between the two programs is that you can install Auto Funnel Press on an unlimited number of domains for $497. The $297 package only lets you install it on a single site.

It’s also important to note that you’ll need to buy an additional package if you want more updates after one year.

You can buy access to the Auto Funnel Press platform at Payments are accepted over PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

You have 30 days after buying the product to decide if you like it or not.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Auto Funnel Press?

Auto Funnel Press is a full online marketing system rolled into a convenient package. It has features you can’t find in many other software programs – like the ability to create a full multilevel marketing system within WordPress using the Affiliate Block Technology.

There’s the added benefit of having a pre-loaded system available right out of the box – including premade landing pages and sales pages that are completely customizable. It’s not unreasonable to think you could setup a full high-conversion website in a few hours using this system.

With pre-loaded templates, easy-to-setup members’ areas, and a complete affiliate referral system, Auto Funnel Press aims to make it easier than ever for anyone to make money online.

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