LeadPages Landing Pages Review

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Leadpages Review

Over the past decade, the smartphone and tablet has enabled millions of people worldwide access the Internet at any time and in any place.

Unfortunately, most websites are not designed to be compatible with mobile traffic, which means online marketers are losing potentially thousands of dollars by not having mobile optimized landing pages.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of online marketers do not have much if any design and/or coding skills, especially to convert on mobile traffic. This can make life especially difficult for marketers because they have to constantly outsource design and coding work to freelancers.

LeadPages Website Tool

If only there was a tool that could do this for you? Well now there is and it is called LeadPages.

Leadpages is described as a “mobile responsible landing page generator” that is designed specifically to help marketers create mobile optimized landing pages, sales pages, and other types of conversion pages.

LeadPages Features

It is the first software of its’ kind and is loaded with several features, including the following:

Fifty Landing Pages Templates: LeadPages has fifty landing page templates already created that have been tested and are proven to convert. In only minutes, you can customize any of these templates to create your own high converting landing page.

Easy WordPress Integration: WordPress is the most common CMS used by marketers and Leadpages recognized this immediately. The Leadpages™ WordPress plug-in allows users to customize landing pages and post it on wordpress within only a few clicks.

100% Mobile Responsive Landing Pages: Every landing page created on Leadpages will be 100% compatible with mobile devices, regardless if the visitor is on an Android or iOS device.

100% Facebook Compatible: Facebook Traffic is huge on mobile and Leadpages offers users the ability to capture this web traffic by offering landing pages that are compatible with mobile traffic that is browsing Facebook.

These are just four of the two-dozen features you can employ while using Leadpages. Any online marketer can benefit from using this powerful software.

LeadPages Advantage

Leadpages is by far the best landing page generator on the market. They simply outperform any other service and I call it the “Leadpages Advantage.”

Here is why I recommend LeadPages:

You Never Have To Touch A Line Of Code: Most people don’t have coding skills and even if they had the code already created, they would have no idea how to integrate it into their website. With Leadpages, you never have to touch a line of code! Everything is done for you.

Leadpages Can Save You A Boatload Of Money: Designers and coders are very expensive and are sometimes unreliable. Leadpages costs a simple monthly fee based upon your needs and has the potential to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

Leadpages Is Loaded With Features: As we just discussed, Leadpages is loaded with features that have been tested and integrated by conversion experts who know how to make money.

LeadPages Is Compatible With All Major Email Marketing Partners: Leadpages is designed to be compatible with all the major email marketing services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and many more. Therefore, it does not really matter what service you use – Leadpages has you covered.

Final Thoughts On LeadPages

The bottom line is this – Leadpages is going to help you capture more emails, convert higher for physical or electronic products, and make you more money. Mobile and tablet traffic is only going to increase as more people purchase smartphones and tables.

If you fail to capture and monetize mobile traffic you could be losing out on thousands of dollars. With Leadpages, you can do both and your wallet and bank account will thank you.

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