Super Networker Entrepreneur Formula (#1 Way To Make Money)

Hello and welcome to all of my Make Money Expert readership, we are digitally-delighted to have you here and internally-ignited for you to hear our Super Networker Formula for all of you Expert Entrepreneurs for the #1 way to make money online in 2015.

It is a classic case of the Opportunity Genies vs the Optimization Gurus.

Allow me to explain why we are 100% endorsing the execution of our fellow
Job Killing experts who are helping people just like you ‘Murder their 9 to 5 Jobs'.

We will briefly cover who we are and why we do what we do. But for the past 9 years, full-time, I have been working and leveraging the power of the internet and the global reach, marketplace and opportunity instilled within it.

And now, from a “make money expert” standpoint, we truly believe in our heart of hearts, Job Killing is the BEST, FASTEST, EASIEST way to generating a full-time income online.

Bar none.

It is sustainable, it is in high-demand, and it is as exceptionally evergreen as imaginable for a business owner, entrepreneur and leader.

So before we get into the philosophy, concepts and theory of being the Ultimate Super Networker, make sure you check out Job Killing.

What is a Super Networker & Expert Entrepreneur?

Have you ever heard the expression, “there are levels to this shit”?

Well, being a networker is great, but what about being a super networker?

Also, being an entrepreneur is great, but what about being an expert entrepreneur?

Networking is one of the greatest assets you can have in business. Becoming a Super Networker requires teamwork.

Make Money Expert stands for being a beautiful beacon of business where talent seeks talent, and conscious collaborators from all walks of life join in on the fun that is to be had using the internet as your digital playground.

The ability to network with peers and gain respect, confidence and creativity helps one another leverage each others skillsets, existing network, and other incredible ideas about building a online business or work from home deal. In terms of business, 1+1 isnt always 2, because of the levels and layers of direct experience, first hand knowledge and outright truth.

Super Networker's adopt that Luck is an attitude. Effective networking requires persistence and passion to transform into a Super Networker.

Consistency is the number one discipline you need to master. It is Communication through Community.

Here are 7 Habits to Adopt and Evolve with to be a Super Networker.

  • Ask insightful questions
  • The Art and Power of Story Telling
  • Creating Value in the Marketplace
  • Facts Tell, Stories Sell Stats Yell
  • Focus on Organization and Attention
  • Communication through Community
  • Super Networker Lifestyle

But now let's shift gears – because we can talk about personal development and self growth until we are blue in the face and red in the bank account, but none of that makes money. Do you know what does?


Selling stuff.

Set sails into the ocean of buying, ordering, and purchasing – that is where the land of the riches is located.

You need to sell. You need to be able to sell. You need to be setup to sell.

What Super Networker ultimately is when you take away all the words, images, and vivid visions we so love to portray, is the art of selling your stuff – better – faster – bigger.

We are talking about “optimizing the universe” where universe is YOUniverse.

We want to provide and deliver the goods on what it takes you to go from a) the start b) stuck in the middle c) about knocked out in the 12th round and barely hanging on – here's some water to put out those fires, we can help.

Let's cover the Free Super Networker course.

Module 1 – Get Your Product Noticed, Then Sell It
Module 2 – Your Attitudes, Beliefs, and Perceptions
Module 3 – Hone Your Strategy and the Mechanics Behind It
Module 4 – Make Connections, Form Relationships, and Develop Rapport
Module 5 – Discover Specific Leads
Module 6 – Closing Business Deals on The Phone
VIP Bonus Module 7 – Lead Capture Landing Pages Setup & Strategy

More to Come soon on the New Make Money Expert VIP JOB KILLING Academy from The Super Networker.


  1. Jeannie Halseth

    Looking forward to the taste test. Really believe in the MLM concept but more importantly good health. $$ is only the byproduct of relationships and a superior product. My husband and I run several multimillion dollar corporations. This opportunity is the best we have seen and have joined to further the welfare of our future associate. Welcome aboard all who wish to enhance health.


    • Kelly

      How do you join?

  2. Deborah "Kay" Rigotti

    Hello :

    My name is Deborah Kay Rigotti though everyone refers to me as Kay. I am a proud Michigander!

    I wanted you (both) to fully realize that upon my first experience of reading your introduction to this opportunity (online business platform) it became an emotional one (experience) for me. The truth of your statements unexpectedly imbued me with a flood of emotion and inspiration. It truly is a rare occasion when someone is able to elicit such results through the world wide web as you have with me today. Your words struck me with the potency with which they were written; it was as though you were poised right in front of me stating this to me eye to eye.

    Thank you with every fiber of my being … I so look forward to this journey.

    In the event that I am chosen to become a part of this group then please realize that I am an intentional person whom believes that any and all interactions with other beings should be experienced fully and I do !!!

    Shine On

    Kay Rigotti

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