Free Ways To Advertise Online

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Free Ways to Score Free Advertising

As money experts and marketing enthusiasts, we always strive to deliver REAL value and content on how to go about building your business presence despite your current budget or ability.

What better way then to provide 12 great, productive, manageable free ways to generate targeted traffic no matter what business or opportunity you have to offer or advertise.

Free Ways To Advertise

Advertising on the Internet has gotten a lot more difficult then it once was. Competition for ad space is stiff and many small businesses and entrepreneurs can't afford huge advertising campaigns. However, there are other ways to attract potential customers to your business without breaking the bank.

What's cool is when you start utilizing and leveraging these free strategies is that they can have a snowball effect and start to spread naturally and virally.

In fact, there are dozens of ways to attract customers without spending a nickel!

12 Free Ways To Advertise Your Business Online

Here are over ten ways you can score free advertising online:

1. Increase your search visibility: Organic traffic, or search engine traffic is a great way to obtain free traffic. Organic traffic can be obtained through search engine optimization, which utilizes s a series of tactics to obtain better search engine rankings.

2. Submit your website to directories and yellow pages: There are hundreds of niche-specific directories online and there are plenty of websites like yellow pages. Add your website to as many of these types of websites so you can gain targeted visitors to your business.

3. Online Communities: The Internet is full of free forum websites where like-minded people can go to discuss things relevant to their interests. Therefore, search for forums related to your niche and become a member of your community. Once you become a reputable member, add a link to your signature and watch the customers pour in.

4. Coupons: People love saving money on anything they possibly can. You can leverage this desire by offering coupons related to your niche on your website. Millions of people are searching for coupons each day. Maximize this traffic by adding coupons.

5. Give away samples: Giving away a sample of your product is a good way to start getting the word out about your product. Send a free sample of your product to industry bloggers and ask them if they wouldn’t mind writing a review about your product. Most bloggers will be happy to oblige.

6. Partnerships: Become partners with a business that offers a complimentary product to yours. Together, you and your partners can advertise each other’s products to your customers free of charge, gaining exposure for both businesses.

7. Use email lists: Start a mailing list of your customers and email them special discounts, coupons, and advertisements from time to time to turn those one-time customers into long-time customers. A strong emailing campaign can deliver you HUGE returns and mailing your customers valuable information and deals is a good way to make sure you’re maximizing your business’ potential.

8. Referral Promotions: A lot of businesses like to offer discounts, free merchandise, or even cash for referrals. Perhaps you could offer each customer a free $5 coupon for each customer they bring in or even better, offer free merchandise if they refer 3 new customers in a month. Get creative with your promotions and let your customers do your advertising for you.

9. Provide amazing customer service: In today’s world, having excellent customer service can be the difference between succeeding and failing. If you provide a quality product with top-notch customer service, people are going to talk about your business. Make sure you make your refund and return policies clear and make sure your customer service representatives are friendly and helpful.

10. Free Classified Ads: Many free classified ad websites will allow you to post on their website and advertise your business. These websites are commonly oversaturated and are not as useful as they once were but who knows – maybe it will attract a customer or two for you.

11. Reciprocal links: Adding another businesses link to your website and vice versa is a great way to bring each other traffic and customers. Find similar businesses offering complimentary services and ask them if they would like a link on your website (and if they would be willing to do the same). You two can send each other traffic and helpfully customers as well.

12. Pitch your business to local newspapers/tv stations: Many local media outlets like to get involved with new businesses and to connect with the community. Ask your local tv station for an interview or ask a local journalist if he or she would like to write a piece on a new business in the community.

Some of these ideas may not necessarily apply to your business. Hopefully they at least get the creative juices flowing so you can find some new and unique ways to get free advertising for your business.

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